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H2O Upgrade: 7 Undeniable Benefits of Drinking Protein Water

Have you ever finished a workout and wanted to replenish by sipping on some protein? 

For a long time, people have turned to methods like protein shakes to aid in their recovery post-workout (or whenever). But there's a new player in town — protein water — and it boasts much fewer calories or sugar than shakes typically have. Not only is it healthier, but it's just as delicious, and people love it.

What is protein water, you ask? And what benefits do you receive from drinking it?

Here, we answer all your questions. By the end of this guide, you'll be thirsty! Let's continue.

What Is Protein Water?

Protein water is precisely what it sounds like — water that's infused with protein, typically in the form of whey protein isolate. 

Protein water can be made by blending protein powder with water, or it can come in already-blended, ready-to-consume beverages. It's especially popular for those who want to replenish after working out.

But what's so good about it? Keep reading to find out.

Undeniable Benefits of Drinking Protein Water

Now that you understand what protein water is, let's discuss its several benefits.

  1. An Intake a Premium-Quality Protein

Protein, a crucial macronutrient, fuels our cells and helps to power our bodies. Protein is an essential building block that supports nearly everything — our hair, cells, bones, cartilage, skin, nails. That's why so many people enjoy drinking protein-infused drinks as a recovery tactic post-workout. 

So, before protein water, many fitness fanatics relied on someone else to whip them up a protein-packed drink, or they'd make it on their own. The DIY method includes scooping protein powder into water and mixing it — commonly resulting in a chalky flavour and texture.

Our water has 25 grams of protein (more than your average scoop), and it's well-blended to ensure a great taste, no chalkiness included!

  1. Whey Protein Isolate Is Low on the Carbs

Another problem with other methods is the high intake of carbohydrates that comes with them.

With ProWater, we use whey protein isolate (or WPI) to ensure you get 90% maximum protein content — minus the high carb intake. This way, you're concentrating on that killer workout you just had instead of fretting over the calorie counting.

WPI has minimal fat, cholesterol, or sugar, making it an excellent substitute. It's also lactose-free so that everyone can enjoy it soundly.

  1. Hydrolyzed Collagen to Make You Look and Feel Good

Don't be fooled by the fancy word. Hydrolyzed simply means it's easy-to-digest. Collagen — composed of small amino acids — further supports the body as its number one, most abundant protein.

Collagen makes our skin look youthful, and our bones feel strong by essentially glueing our skin, bones, cartilage, and blood vessels together. Collagen is also known to support gut health, something that's vital in navigating our everyday lives. Finally, it can reduce wrinkles and cellulite, strengthen the immune system, and regulate our oxygen output.

In other words, collagen does it all!

Hydrolyzed collagen is included in every ProWater to ensure you feel the difference with this beverage when compared to others.

  1. No Sugar!

There's no going around it — sugar, especially in large quantities, comes with a slew of problems for those who ingest it. And unfortunately, we find sugar everywhere, even in unexpected places (like marinara sauce!), which makes it a significant part of our daily caloric intake.

Simply put, we don't need more sugar in our lives.

Sugar contributes to chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, causes weight gain, can increase our risk of heart disease, and contributes to a higher risk of cancer — to name a few. Unfortunately, many protein shakes come with that added sugar content that we just don't need!

ProWater has zero added sugar, so you can rest easy knowing your beverage isn't contributing to your demise. Additionally, there are fantastic flavour options that come from the source rather than the added sugar content. 

  1. Replenishes Your Electrolytes

Another thing that we lose while working out is electrolytes.

These electrically-charged minerals that appear in our blood and bodily fluids are vital in helping us regulate nerve and muscle function. For example, a lack of electrolytes can contribute to cramps and even decreased performance. In other words, the opposite of what you want during a workout!

Protein water can help you regain any electrolytes you've lost.

  1. Increased Function With Green Tea Antioxidants

Green tea comes with several benefits — it can improve our heart health, reduce the risk of cancer, lower our cholesterol or chance of stroke. And that's just to name a small handful of advantages!

However, several people dislike the flavour of green tea (not to mention the time it takes to brew and perfect that cup of tea), but still want to reap the benefits. 

ProWater has green tea antioxidants seamlessly blended within it, so you can enjoy the disease-prevention, fat loss, and improved brain function without having to learn how to brew tea. It's a win-win!

  1. It's Flavourful! 

Protein water doesn't have to mean bland or tasteless. In fact, with zero-sugar-added and all-natural flavouring, ProWater is just as tasty as you'd hope for it to be.

You can have your protein water and enjoy it, too, with flavours like kiwi and strawberry, orange and citrus, or pineapple and coconut. Yummy!

Step up Your Water Game

There's nothing to lose and everything to gain by adding protein water into your days. Whether it's pre- or post-workout, as a lunchtime pick-me-up, or just something you want to enjoy late-day, protein water is for you.

We at ProWater sell protein water that's delicious, packed with nutrients, and sugar-free. What are you waiting for?

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